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Decorate your rented property to your own taste in Palma de Mallorca

  • 25 April, 2019
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Decorate your rented property to your own taste in Palma de Mallorca

At some point in their lives most of the population will have to live in a rented property. This type of living situation comes with its own ups and down. Something that you may find frustrating is not being able to renovate the home to fit to your own tastes. At Mir, real estate agents in Palma de Mallorca, we want to offer a series of tips to alter your home without modifying any of the foundations and to feel as if you were living in your own proper home. Will you read on with us? We will be giving you all the information in this blog article.


Using rugs in your rented property in Palma de Mallorca

One of the biggest choices of deciding the aesthetics of your home is the floor. When you decide to rent a property in Palma de Mallorca, normally, you won’t like the style or the type of floor, which is why, at Mir, real estate agents in Palma, we want to recommend a creative solution: the use of rugs. Using this solution means that you can have the colours and patterns which you prefer and add a special something to the look of the property.


Paintings and mirrors to add a different touch

Has the landlord prohibited you from making holes in the walls of your rental property in Palma de Mallorca? That’s not a problem: nowadays there is a wide range of paintings and mirrors that can be hung with adhesive strips which don’t affect in any way the state of the walls. It is a great way to fill the walls with your own style.


Colourful fabrics in your rental property in Palma de Mallorca

If the house is already furnished and it´s not to your taste… Just add new covers! By using different fabrics, you can dress up cushions, sofas and other furniture which doesn’t fit in with your vision and it’s not very costly. At Mir, real estate agents in Palma de Mallorca, we want to suggest using similar colour schemes in each of the spaces to add a more stylish touch.


A great idea: Easy to move furniture

Lightweight and easy to move furniture is a great way to cover lifeless spaces and to hide other areas which you don’t like. Bathrooms for example, are one of the most neglected parts of a home by landlords, which is why using small pieces of furniture which are easy to move around can transform the space.


If you don´t like it…Cover it up!

Curtains are an unbeatable way to cover up things that you don’t like, that you can´t change and that you simply can’t stand. Dilapidated windows or tired looking features…Curtains can be a great method for covering imperfections but with your own style. And when your rental agreement comes to an end, everything will be just as you found it.


Contact our real estate agents in Palma de Mallorca

Have you still not decided on whether you are going to rent a property in Palma de Mallorca? At Mir, real estate agents in Palma, we have an ample catalogue of properties to rent so that you can find your new home in the Mallorcan capital with ease. If you have any queries or unresolved questions please feel free to contact us, our agents are at your service. We are your real estate agents in Palma!


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